WARD'S, The Travel Company Ltd

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Our mission is to help you make an intelligent buying decision

when planning & booking your travel.

We work for YOU providing PERSONALIZED, UNBIASED, Travel Consulting so YOU get the best value for your travel dollar. 

There are so many ways you can book travel arrangements today.

However most of the online information is biased & advertisements

can be very misleading. You may find yourself overwhelmed with all the information.  We can help you make the right decisions.

You cannot buy anything on our site as it is for information only.

We believe there is no substitute for personalized service.


Ward's is a full service independent travel agency,

owner managed, celebrating 33 years of service.


We create trusted long-term relationships with our customers.


Allow our agency to bring your travel dreams to life. As a member of

Ensemble Travel Group, we have access to Ensemble Exclusive programs,

including the worldwide resources and expertise of in-destination specialists.








































































10117 157 Street

Edmonton, Alberta, T5P 2T9

Telephone 780.483.2573

Toll Free 888.483.2573

Email:  dennis@wardstravel.com

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Car Rentals - Charter Packages - In Destination Specialists -Adventure Travel - Culinary Travel


Vacation & Corporate Travel Professionals



Best Value

     Cheapest is not always best. We make sure you get top value for your dollar.


Personal Service

     We are not an anonymous Internet Company.

     You know where and how to reach us when you need us.


Expert Advice

     We have invaluable, unbiased knowledge and expertise about travel products

     and destinations, providing you with the best value.


Cruise Authority

     We are affiliated with Ensemble Travel Group, an international organization

     of 1200 Travel Agencies, and the #1 cruise seller in Canada. We specialize in

     recommending only our preferred cruise partners who we know thoroughly.



     One stop shopping for car, air, hotel, tours, cruise and insurance.


Time Savings

     We source "the best deal" so you can spend your time on more important things.


Professional Advice

     We have access to all the vital information, including visas, passports, medical

     requirements, currency, and safety precautions.


Travel Insurance

     We provide you with the right travel insurance advice to suit your needs.


Peace of Mind

     We're available to assist you throughout your vacation.

     If you book on the internet, who will assist you?











WARD'S The Travel Company Ltd. 780-483-2573 or 888-483-2573 or dennis@wardstravel.com


                                     BECAUSE WE CARE!



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